I had been now thirteen days on shore, and had been eleven times on board the ship, in which time I had brought away all that one pair of hands could well be supposed capable to bring; though I believe verily, had the calm weather held, I should have brought away the whole ship, piece by piece.

But preparing the twelfth time to go on board, I found the wind began to rise: however, at low water I went on board, and though I thought I had rummaged the cabin so effectually that nothing more could be found,

yet I discovered a locker with drawers in it, in one of which I found two or three razors, and one pair of large scissors, with some ten or a dozen of good knives and forks:

in another I found about thirty-six pounds value in money - some European coin, some Brazil, some pieces of eight, some gold, and some silver.
別の(引出し)にはおよそ36ポンドの価値がありそうな金(かね) ― それは幾らかのヨーロッパのコインと、ブラジルの(硬貨)と、(スペインの)8レアル銀貨などで、幾らかの金貨と銀貨もあった。

pieces of eight (8レアル銀貨)
※ 貨幣の価値は時代と共に変化するので難しいですが、当時のポンドは現在の80倍くらいの価値があったということで、それに2010年現在のレート(1ポンド≒135円)で計算してみると、1ポンド=約1万円くらいと考えれば大まかな値打ちが分るかと思います。

I smiled to myself at the sight of this money:

"O drug!" said I, aloud, "what art thou good for? Thou art not worth to me - no, not the taking off the ground; one of those knives is worth all this heap; I have no manner of use for thee - e'en (even) remain where thou art, and go to the bottom as a creature whose life is not worth saying."
「おぉ、麻薬(ドラッグ)め!」と私は声に出して言った、「お前は何の役に立つ?私には何の価値も無いのだ ― 拾い上げる値打ちすらない;この中のナイフ1本の方がお前ら全てよりも価値がある;ここではお前の使い道も無いのだ ― このままここに残っていて、そして救うだけの値打ちも無い物として海の底へと沈むがいい」

However, upon second thoughts I took it away; and wrapping all this in a piece of canvas, I began to think of making another raft; but while I was preparing this, I found the sky overcast, and the wind began to rise, and in a quarter of an hour it blew a fresh gale from the shore.

It presently occurred to me that it was in vain to pretend to make a raft with the wind offshore; and that it was my business to be gone before the tide of flood began, otherwise I might not be able to reach the shore at all.

Accordingly, I let myself down into the water, and swam across the channel, which lay between the ship and the sands, and even that with difficulty enough, partly with the weight of the things I had about me, and partly the roughness of the water;

for the wind rose very hastily, and before it was quite high water it blew a storm.

But I had got home to my little tent, where I lay, with all my wealth about me, very secure.

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